Well we have finally set up some hot water in the clubrooms.  We've installed a water tank, pump and hot-water service.  

It's nice to be able to wash up after a BBQ on our Krooze nights


One of our clubmembers saw an old sign at a dis-used servo in Dimboola.  After some wrangling and hard work, the old sign was purchased and bought home.
 Members put a lot of time and effort into restoring painting and adapting it to our sign
Photos show the working bee on the 30th Aug









We have cleaned up the whole site, re-furbished the inside and installed a diner area. Added heating and cooling for member comfort.  Last year we pulled down the old chimney.  It was an entry point for white ants.  We had to replace quite a bit of the rear wall from white ant damage.  While we were at it, we added a glass sliding door for future access to a pergola area

Re-stumping & Painting

We have recently replaced all the stumps of the building and had it all levelled up.  This should ensure that it has a good foundation to any further work we carry out.

We've had the roof replaced and then painted the exterior of the building.






Starting Point

Our "Old Skool Clubrooms" are actually an old school.  They were built at the turn of the last century and were used as the Riverside Primary School.  After the school closed down, it was used for the Riverside Tennis Club as thier clubroom.  Tennis courts were set up outside and they were used until about 2000.  The whole thing started to deteriorate and a local approached us when he found out that it was possible that the clubrooms were to be dismantled and the tennis courts ripped up.  The whole area was earmarked for a tree plantation.

We approached the relevant authorities and were able to set up a committee of management so we are able to have a reasonable tenure over the site through this committee